About MammoLink

MammoLink®, founded by Ryan Polselli, represents the evolution of better digital mammography services and breast exams by our mammogram specialist for cancer care in the United States.

MammoLink® is a professional team of leading experts in the field of mammography. We work with talented OB-gyn and general practitioner physicians across the United States to provide premier in-office mammography services for patients.

In-office digital mammography significantly improves patient care by increasing breast cancer screening compliance, patient satisfaction, and returning a significant revenue stream directly back into one of the most important parts of the healthcare system—where direct contact occurs between patients and their doctors.

MammoLink® services do not require any up-front financial investment, staffing requirements, or mammography knowledge. What we do require is room for a digital mammography machine, a practice that recommends approximately 10 screening mammograms per day, and a desire to offer better mammography services for your practice and your patients. We take care of the rest. 

We provide an extensive portfolio of in-office mammography options and solutions that are completely customized to work best with individual practice locations and infrastructure, patient demographics, and daily workflow practices. Our physicians choose everything from technologist uniforms and room colors and design to electronic medical record integration preferences.

We think of everything, so you don’t have to. MammoLink® assumes complete legal and regulatory compliance for every aspect of your new services by working closely with all state and federal regulatory agencies. MammoLink® works exclusively with equipment manufacturers recognized as world leaders in women’s imaging. We exclusively install brand new state-of-the-art 3-D (breast tomosynthesis) digital mammography units to ensure your patients receive the best mammogram possible.

MammoLink® employs only the nation's leading experts in the field of mammography. All mammographers have completed at least 5 years in radiology after completing medical school and have completed at least one additional year of exclusive fellowship training in breast imaging from academic institutions from across the United States.MammoLink® provides you and your patients instantaneous results that are interpreted at the time of the service. If additional mammography images are needed, they are performed immediately. 

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What's on the Horizon

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MammoLink Partnerships

MammoLink, founded by Dr. Ryan Polselli, is currently in the process of developing breast imaging partnerships with physician groups and breast cancer organizations across the United States. 

Flyer for Potential MammoLink Partners

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MammoLink® Flyer for Physicians (pdf)


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